Happy (Belated) 14 months!

Dear Phoebe & Alexander,

Happy 14 months, yeladim! It seems surreal with each letter and passing month…how did we get so lucky to be your parents? We are grateful each and every day and love you both so very much!

This last month has been explosive for you both, it’s so tough to even begin…

Phoebe: you are officially walking unassisted! In fact you took your first few steps alone when Abba asked you “where’s Hedwig?” You shocked both Daddy and Abba by turning around, walking the 5 – 6 steps, squatting down to pick her up and then coming back to us. We both looked at one another, jaw-dropped, speechless. Congrats baby girl! Here’s to your future exploring life on two legs. Also this last month your language exploded. You have a growing vocabulary of words and sounds. You can blow kisses, wave hello and goodbye and identify a whole bunch of different people and objects.

Alexander: you officially received your first haircut! Abba and Daddy wanted to wait a bit longer, but the wildness of your hair was becoming annoying to you while taking your glasses off and on. You were so well behaved throughout the whole experience. You have developed a love of objects that can be nested and love to show us both the great work you do. Two other great accomplishment this last month are your ability to point to objects and your communication skills.

Communally this last month:

·         We had our first Family Photoshoot

·         You’re both sleeping with your arms out of your sleep sacks

·         You’re both getting only 2 bottles a day and ready to give up the morning bottle

·         You’re daily interactions between the two of you grow by the day

You are both growing, learning and doing so much each day. It’s such a joy and blessing to witness. Your bond is so strong and so precious, may it continue to blossom with each day. We love you both so much.

All of our love,

Daddy & Abba

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