13 Months!!

Dear Yeladim

Although we’re two days late in publishing this letter, it’s been 13 whole months since you’ve been born and 13 whole months that we’ve been blessed to be your Daddy and Abba. And it just seems to get better, crazier and more hectic with each passing day. Since your 12 month check-up much has happened!

Phoebe: you have begun to point. At everything. And you use your “pointing” to explore literally everything. Your new favorite thing is to ask Daddy to pick you up and walk to wherever you point! You love it! And, you still love to walk like a busy-body with your walker. In fact, you’ve even mastered the ability to move forward, stop, reverse, pivot and navigate to where you want to be. You’ve discovered the joys of pasta and bananas, and you inhale them both! And, you have even learned how to place objects within one another (i.e. cleaning up, nested objects). .

Xander: since your 12 month check-up you have had a pediatric ophthalmologist appointment where you’ve been diagnosed with both strabismus and Duane’s Syndrome. Both are not a big deal and we’ve already started to take corrective action. You’ve been fitted for your first pair of glasses, and without fail you look even more adorable than you already are! You took a minute to get used to them (still are adjusting) and love to rip them off your face when you’re feeling most frustrated, bored or have the messiest hands in the world. You are officially crawling quadruped and really keeping up with your sister now!

Of all the things you’ve individually accomplished perhaps some of the cutest moments this last month were of your interactions together. You both LOVE to play together, steal objects from one another, trade pacifiers (willingly) and most of all giggle at one another. When one starts the other follows. Your conversational jabber is beyond adorable and entertaining and keeps Abba and Daddy entertained. You both still love your food and feeding yourselves, you enjoy getting messy and then love the bath right after! You have an incredible listening vocabulary and understand so much of your world it’s beautiful.

Keep exploring. Keep playing. Keep learning. Keep falling. Keep getting back up. Keep laughing. Keep testing your limits and boundaries. Keep snuggling us for as long as you want, for we’ll miss these days when they’ve passed us by.

All our love,

Daddy and Abba

One thought on “13 Months!!

  1. everything they say is true! i can tell you both that your snuggles and giggles are just my favorite things…sometimes i just rewatch some of the videos your dads post!


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