10 months!!

Dear Phoebe and Xander,

Today is your 10 month birth celebration! Wow, only two more months until the big: O. N. E. And to top this months celebration off, we’ll be celebrating with Grandma and Grandpa Florida (Diane and Marc), Uncle Eric, Aunt Mallory, And Cousins Connor and Eli…! And we’re celebrating Hanukkah, too! So much fun!

This last month for both of you has been nothing short of extraordinary. You’ve both hit incredible milestones and we couldn’t be more thrilled to have watched you get here.

You’re both:

– crawling

– babbling

– standing up supported

– pulling yourself to stand

– making decisions on objects with which to play

– self feeding yourselves table food

– on a new three meal a day schedule (and four bottles)

– you’re both aware of your respective reflections in mirrors and love to kiss yourself

– you’re both becoming more aware of each other and even engaging one another in play and babble!

Phoebe – you’re bringing yourself to sit up! All by yourself! Amazing!

Alexander – you have so many consonants you love to babble: mama, dada, gaga and baba! Awesome!

Yeladim, we are so blessed! You are both certainly filled with such personality it just overjoys

our hearts. Your smiles and giggles fills and warms our souls.

We love you with all that we are.

All our love,

Daddy & Abba

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