Happy 6 Months!

Dear Pheobe and Xander,

Today marks your 6 month birth anniversary and our sixth month blessed to be your parents! It’s unreal to think just how fast time has flown. There is saying that states ‘the days are long but the months short.’ It’s so true…so much of the last six months has seemed both fast and slow…but when we see the way you’ve grown, your smiles, the way you have started to giggle and the way you gaze at us it makes it worth every minute.

Pheobe – your official nickname is Pickle. Nearly everyone now calls you this! You have started to respond to your name (Phoebe) and you are just a content and happy baby (except when you’re over-tired, but we’ll omit that part from the letter). You love to play on the mat, roll over, be on your tummy and so much more. But perhaps one of your most favorite things is trying new foods. You get so excited to try “nom noms” and literally jump out of the seat with your mouth wide open! You recently started to have a truly audible giggle and it just melts our hearts…You sleep through the night now, which Abba and Daddy thank you for, but when you wake up at 5am you love to snuggle with Abba on the couch – truly precious moments. However, you have recently made a habit of refusing to nap during the day and letting out huge screams just as we lay you down for bed…sleep regression? Who knows? But we hope this phase is short-lived. 😛

Xander – your official nickname is Bubba. It just seems to fit! You have also started to respond to your name which is just so cool. You are the fussier of the babies when compared to your sister, but we try hard not to compare. You’re generally a very smiley baby, but just like to move at your own pace. You have finally grown to enjoy your tummy time and can really lift and move your super big head! We know it’s hard work – keep it up! You are not so keen on taking food from a spoon, which is fine. You will let us know when you’re ready – but the other day you did enjoy some bananas which made you crack a huge smile! Your favorite thing is to stand up – whenever you’re fussing it’s the first thing we do – and you start to smile like such a big boy! You are also sleeping through the night (when you’re not battling a cold or coxsackie virus) and both Abba and Daddy thank you for that! Now please just coordinate with your sister and both sleep through the same nights??

Yeladim – you both have accomplished so much since you’ve been born! It’s amazing to reflect and witness how you both have changed and continue to grow and change. Abba and Daddy love you both more than you know and now on to the next 6 months which will bring us to your 1 year birth celebration! And yes – we’ve already agreed on a theme 🙂

All our Love,

Daddy and Abba

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