Happy 5 Months!

Dear Phoebe & Xander,

Tomorrow is your 5 month birth celebration! Daddy and Abba can hardly believe that time has gone by this quickly…so much has happened since your birth and you both have conquered so much. When we reminisce, which we often do, it’s inspiring, really. Fighters since birth!

Phoebe: You have finally made it over the 12 lbs mark, and we speculate you’re likely near 13…you’ve taken a keen interest in reaching across your body in an attempt to roll over. Keep it up, girl, you’re almost there! You absolutely love to play on the gym with your “friends,” animals that light up and sing to you. You squeal and wriggle with excitement each time they sing. It’s entirely too adorable. You also love to tell stories to Abba and Daddy, and we love to hear your explore your voice! It’s just too stinking cute! Oh, and you’ve begun to shuffle on the floor, you’ve eaten multigrain cereal and peaches, begun the teething process and love to practice sitting up. Oh, and how can we forget that you’re a total Daddy’s girl and that you love when he walks you by the frog statue…Pickle, you brighten our days so much! Your smile, your voice and your desire to seek our attention is simply amazing!

Xander: You have nearly skipped 6 month clothes and are now filling 9th month out nicely…you are likely somewhere between 16 – 18 lbs…and boy do Abba and Daddy feel it – boy you is getting heavy! You love to be on your tummy, but most especially propped on the boppy pillow or one of our legs. You are fascinated with standing up and being on your legs! You think it’s just the funniest thing ever! You are just starting to show signs of rolling from your back to your tummy and enjoy reaching for toys and bringing them to your mouth. Which brings me to the next thing: you’re desire to help assist in your bottle feeding. Dude. We love you. And we know you want to help. But you’re not ready. You just push it out of your mouth. Remember, we got you, boo, and will always give you your bottle. We promise :-* You loved your peaches and cereal, love your singing time with Daddy and Abba and you are a total Abba’s boy…it’s stinking adorable. Bubba – you are a beam of light that just ignites the room! Keep smiling. Keep growing! It’s just amazing to watch!

Yeladim – as we celebrate today we also reflect on just how far you’ve come since your birth. You are each nailing your chronological milestones and saying to your prematurity: “Who’s premature!? Not us!” And while each of you develop differently and have different strengths, it’s just inspiring to watch it all unfold in front of our eyes. Each day you seem to learn something new – and sometimes just from the morning to the night! Like if we blink at the wrong time we’ll miss something special. It’s true what everyone’s said: time flies. And even though we’ve only been home a short few months since your release from the NICU it’s just flown on by…

Keep growing. Keep exploring. Keep learning. Keep being the amazing little people you are growing in to be…

All our love,

Daddy and Abba

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