Happy 4 Months!

Dear Phoebe and Xander,

Um…do you know what today is?! It’s your four month birth celebration! Wow! A third of the way through your first year already – my how time flies…

It was just last week Daddy and Abba were holding you saying to one another, “when and how in the heck did you get so big!” Xander, you smiled at us, and Pickle, you just gave us your RBF. It was rather adorable. But seriously: you’re both huge! Abba was even compelled to write an interim letter just about your weights! Keep growing and getting stronger and stronger.

Yeladim: you both enjoy your play mat. You smile, squirm, march your legs and even coo and squee at all the surrounding toys. Phoebala: just last night you almost turned yourself from your back to your belly reaching for your links! Almost there!  You both are slowly discovering your voices and each other are so stinking adorable. Xanatoot: you are so close to giggling…any day now we feel!

You both are enjoying your smiles. Phoebe you are still reserved with yours, which is fine, but you do love to smile when you wake up…oh, and when you sneezed and peed on Abba you thought that was the funniest ever!

You have also started daycare and are currently battling your first sniffles. You’re handling it like champs. You both especially love to go into the shower and steam. You love the warm water running down your keppies (that’s Yiddish for heads).  You smile and just absolutely love it!

Literally you both bring us so much joy! And we appreciate that you’re sleeping more than six hours a night…some nights even 9 hours! We’re so lucky to be celebrating our first Father’s Day as your parents. We truly are so lucky. We love you. Keep smiling. Keep exploring.  Keep being the true miracles you are to us!

All our love,

Abba and Daddy

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