Your Last Night in Texas

Dear Phoebe and Xander,

Tonight is your last night in Texas before the final journey home. As we celebrate our family in Texas we are also celebrating the journey of our family back to our home in Pennsylvania. And in good ole Texan fashion we’re fixing to have our goodbye meal at IMG_5538Babes.

In the last month since your birth you’ve both learned so much (as your daddies we’ve also learned a ton!) But perhaps the most amount of learning occurred when we finally took you home and Daddy and Abba were left to their devices. We’ve managed your schedule, prepped your feed, taken you to the pediatrician and changed lord only knows how many diapers (and IMG_5532lord only knows how many more to come)!

This penultimate letter narrating your journey in Texas comes with more emotion than y’all can know. We love our family down here just as much as they love y’all. You can see it in many ways:

  1. How we’ve quickly picked up Texan jargonIMG_5509
  2. How they’ve let us stay with them and taken us in with open arms
  3. How we’ve all bonded and become even closer as family

This brings us to family. You’ll learn in your life that family is everything. You’ll learn that family isn’t always img_5535.jpgabout biological relationships (although you’re our biological children). Family is about people with a common bond coming together with similar goals in mind. Family is about love. Family is about respect. Family is about hugs. Family is about supporting one another even during the most difficult of times. We hope that as you read these letters that you come to understand just how important family is. And as y’all grow we’ll reinforce this every single day. It’s important to note that as gay fathers, we cannot have IMG_5514a family accidentally. It takes planning and a lot of love.

So as we begin this final journey home it was marked by the arrival of your Grandma Diane. She’s here to help daddies on the trek home to your Grandma Rose, Grandpa Charles and soon Grandpa Marc will be flying up, too. To say that they are excited is an understatement. They’ve IMG_5522loved you since before you were conceived.

And this letter ends with the words of your Aunt Ashly: “this is not goodbye but see ya later.” Until our next get together as one blended family.


All our love,

Daddy, Abba, Aunt Ashly, Uncle Mac, Kaisen and Genevieve

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