March 20th, 2017: A Note from Aunt Ashly

Dear Big Pappa and Abba,

37 night stay at our house = $3million dollars 😂

Being thrown up on three times = smelling like Breast milk and three loads of laundry. 😩

Jeff’s homemade meatloaf = one happy family 🤗

All the pumping, let downs, hugs, snuggles, kisses, laughs, baby noises, crying and family time = PRICELESS

I love you both… but I love Xander and Phoebe a little more. I am so happy to have your family as a part of mine. I am so excited for your next chapter to begin on this journey. This is in no way good bye just a see you later.

I am so proud of the daddies you both have become. You were strong for each other on the hard days and great at communicating and sharing your needs. The first hard part is over. Phoebe and Xander are here, healthy and ready to go home and make your life miserable, unbelievable, unimaginable, exciting, adventurous and unbelievably loved for the rest of their lives. There will be bumps with good times and bad but there is no other journey like parenthood. I am so proud to be the one to make you parents and get to see your lives unfold and grow.

I love you both like my own brothers and will see you later!

❤Aunt Ashly

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