The First 24 Hours Post Release

Dear Xander and Phoebe,

It’s been over 24 hrs since you’ve been released from the hospital. Whoa! It’s crazy! And daddies even survived the night…albeit tired, with flying colors. It’s a direct result of being in the NICU. Here’s why:

– Daddy and Abba were there everyday helping and learning. We were as hands on as the staff allowed (and they weren’t afraid to let us help).

– NICU life helped you both attain a schedule and we stuck to it. This was the biggest blessing in disguise.

– We prepped for the night and were ready for each feed.

– We worked with one another and communicated. That was key.

– We got as much rest as we could. Albeit not tons it was great to get some shuteye.

Today you both had your follow up pediatrician appointment. Yeladim: y’all were the talk of the office! It was like you were little celebrities…but on the flip side we learned that you’re doing well!!! Daddy and Abba can actually do this! You both gained weight, you’ve both grown and everything about you both is perfect…we even made your one month wellness checkup appointment with your regular pediatrician. Holla!

Today we also learned that you LOVE the car. Both of you conked out the minute we started to drive…we had a hunch you would but today it was for sure confirmed.

Keep it up, Yeladim. We couldn’t be more proud of you both. Until the next letter keep burping, farting, poopin’, peeing, making cute freaking noises and being the best children ever.

All our love,

Daddy and Abba

PS – yeladim you’ve changed your Daddy in ways I’d never imagined. We’ve been together 12 years this May, and since you’ve been born he’s cried more times thinking about you both. Nothing but happy tears. He loves you both so much. It’s so sweet, really. So sweet. You’ve made your Big Poppa an emotional man – love you both for that

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