Happy One Month!

Dear Xander and Phoebe,

Today you are one month old! Happy Month-day!! It’s unbelievable how fast time has flown…

IMG_2210It’s been a few days now since Daddy and Abba have assumed all responsibilities for you both. We love it. And although we’re tired, it’s the very best kind of tired imaginable.

Xander – you are filling out and your cheeks are so adorably chunky! You absolutely love your bottles, and boy can you wail for them! While you love to nap in between feeds you don’t really like to nap between your 11pm and 2am feeds…it’s ok buddy, your clock will settle into a rhythm soon. You have the most adorable noises. Daddy and Abba just love to listen to all you have to squeak. In fact even at 2 and 5am while feeding it brings suchIMG_5444 a smile to both of our faces! You love tummy time, sleeping on our chests and most especially getting your hair washed!

Phoebe – you are making strides like we cannot believe! You’re getting so much stronger and consistent with your bottle feeding, and you’re like clockwork on schedule. You’re still imbalanced in your muscles so daddies continue with your massage you as your OT demonstrated. You ABSOLUTEY love them and they help you feel more comfortable. You also love the “I Love You” massage. You also have really adorable squeaks and noises, but one thing IMG_5478you do that is just adorable is pout. Your lower lip frowns and it’s seriously the most heart melting face ever!

These last few days since you’ve been home have been so special. Watching you both interact with Aunt Ashly, Uncle Mac, Kaisen and Evie has been nothing short of precious. This is amazing time with our surrogate family and we’re so thankful. So thankful. We’ve been able to bond together even more since we’ve been living here, but even more so since you’ve been finally living at home.

Yeladim – we love you with all of our hearts. It’s pretty unreal just how much our hearts have grown and how much we love you. We knew it would be strong but we never could have imagined just how strong.

All our Love,

Daddy and Abba

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