March 12th, 2017

Dear Phoebe and Xander,

Today was hopefully your last full day in the NICU. It’s been 24 days and on your 25th you’ll be released! That means we’re going home…as a family. #finally

Your neonatologist came in to discuss a whole bunch of stuff with us and was very happy to see that you’ll both released together (Phoebe you still have your car seat test tonight). We’ve got your care plan ready to go and will be taking 6 days to relax (or not sleep LOL) with Aunt Ashly, Uncle Mac, Kaisen and Evie. Your Grandma Diane will be flying to Texas on Saturday and then on Monday March 20th, we’ll be making the flight homeward.

Yeladim – we have watched you both work so hard. You’ve struggled. You’ve persevered. You’ve shown us that though you may be little you are mighty. Mightier than anything and fierce as all hell. We are beyond excited to write your last NICU letter, bringing this part of your life’s journey to a close. And when one door closes the next one shall open.

Until the next chapter begins keep making us proud one poopie diaper at a time…!

All our Love,

Daddy and Abba

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