March 12th, 2017: Dear Village

Dear everyone that helped us get here,

This letter is for you. The amazing team of medical professionals and others that helped to bring our children here and make our dreams come true.

To Dr. Kaufman and his team at Fort Worth Fertility. Thank you for taking care of creating beautiful embryos, taking amazing care of our egg donor and even more amazing care of our surrogate Ashly. Meeting you all in September of 2015 seems so long ago. And when we transferred our embryos on July 21, 2016, our lives were forever changed.

To Dr Kutzler, Ashly’s OB that took care of her all pregnancy and delivered our twins: thank you. Thank you for everything and taking care of Ashly and our beautiful babies. We are forever grateful.

To the team of neonatologists and NPs at our hospital: you are all amazing. You helped take care of our twins and always kept their best interest in mind.

To our coordinator at Simple Surrogacy: Jennifer. Thank you for being there for us! You are just awesome.

To Ashly’s coordinator at Simple Surrogacy: Danielle. Thank you. Thank you for always being there not only for Ashly, but for us also!! We are forever grateful for the daily texts and the hours you spent with us in the hospital.

To Helping Hands and their coordinator Ashley – thank you for encouraging us to participate and become part of a greater purpose. You helped us connect with other NICU parents and even more with one another. You helped facilitate an incredible sibling day with our kids and our surrogate’s children and that will be a memory forever etched into our hearts.

To the team of Nurses and Occupational Therapists at the hospital: Paige, Sarah, Summer, Eddie, Ahn, Kristin, Kristen, Annette, Kara, Kaleigh, Alvina, Jasmine, Shirlee, Dottie, Ginger, Shanita, Emily, Faleigh, Layla, Laura, Laura (there are two), Laarnie, Krystal, Lauren, Kim, Hope, Natalie, Stephanie, Melissa, Courtney and many more I’M sure we’ve forgotten. Thank you. Thank you for caring for and watching over our children. Thank you for being by their sides. Thank you for being by our sides and imparting immeasurable amounts of information. We are forever grateful for your teamwork and dedication.

To our family and friends. Thank you for the countless texts and phone calls. Thank you for helping us with your words and following along this incredible journey. It’s been just under 2 years since we’ve started and it’s amazing that you are all still following along. We love you all! But most especially our parents Diane, Marc, Rose and Charles.

And lastly to our dear, amazing surrogate Ashly and her husband Mac. Thank you for choosing us. Thank you for believing in us. Thank you for becoming the most special part of our family. There truly are no words to describe what you’ve done in helping bring Alexander and Phoebe into this world. To say we love you is an understatement. Making families is truly your super hero power.

All our love,

Daddy, Abba, Xander and Phoebe

(Formally known as Brian and Jeffrey)

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