March 12th, 2017: NICU Day 24

Dear Phoebe and Xander,

Today is your twenty fourth day in the NICU and our twenty fourth day blessed to be your parents.

What a super special and AMAZING day! You got to visit with BOTH of your surrogate IMG_5307siblings today…Kaisen and Genevieve were super excited to visit and boy did they have super duper fun! Kaisen even got to twin with you both…afterwards our special friend Ashley with Helping Hands did a IMG_5311special arts and crafts activity: “sock babies.” Kaisen and Genevieve made babies out of rice and socks that were the same as your birth weights! They had so much fun making them and will be great keepsakes for them for when we go back home to Philadelphia.IMG_5328

Xander – you hit one of your last milestones today: your nasogastric tube was officially pulled out!!! That means you are taking ALL of your feed by bottle…dude that is amazing! Next milestone will be your IMG_5289car seat test and then we can go home!

Phoebe – you also hit huge milestones today…nearly ALL of your feed by bottles! That means you will likely have your nasogastric tube pulled tomorrow! You are also off of milk fortifier and starting your regimen of milk and Neosure. That’s to make sure IMG_5294you continue to gain weight and get all of your daily nutrients.

Yeladim – you also got a special visit from our friend’s Nina and Steve. Nina actually came to visit Abba and Daddy on your fourth day – President’s day. She was teasing Daddy and Abba that we didn’t mention her in your daily letters (#AbbaFail), and she should be. When Aunt Nina came to visit she spent the WHOLE day with us to make sure we weren’t alone and had friends. Shame on IMG_5331us! LOL It was a great visit and today, you’re both so much bigger and she is so excited to see your progress. One day when we come to visit Texas you’ll get to meet them…

We love you two so much! Your personalities continue toIMG_5333 shine and emerge each and every day. We look forward to taking you back home and meet everyone…!

All our love,

Daddy and Abba

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