March 11th, 2017: NICU Day 23

Dear Xander and Phoebe,

Today is your twenty third day in the NICU and our twenty third day blessed to be your parents.IMG_5270

Yeladim: tonight’s letter will be short and to the point…y’all are doing AMAZING.

Phoebe – you took 70% of your last 24 hrs by bottle! In fact you took IMG_5264your first two complete bottles overnight with your nurse Kim! Way to go little lady! You’re officially 4lbs 4 oz and getting squishier by the day…oh, and your umbilical cord finally fell off!

Xander – you took 96% of your last 24 hrs by bottle! Amazing! You’re doing so well! You’re rounding your last few days…we can feel it! Oh, IMG_5273and your finally over 6 lbs! You feel more and more like a full term baby each day…

So you had a special visitor today: cousin Stephanie! She drove through rain and construction from Austin just to get baby snuggles…Phoebe, you passed right out in her arms it was super precious! You also got to FaceTime with your great Aunt and Uncle Robin and David. They’re so happy with your progress and can’t wait to meet you both!

We love you both so much. It’s amazing that no matter how tired we may be we have the energy required to be there for you. Most would say “welcome to parenthood…” and it’s true. But we welcome this exhaustion in the comfort of our own home, in your Harry Potter nuIMG_5276rsery that patiently awaits…until that day.

All our love,

Daddy and Abba

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