March 9th, 2017: NICU Day 21

Dear Phoebe and Xander,

Today is your 21st day in the NICU and our 21st days blessed to be your parents.

Today you both got to visit with Aunt Ashly. She came by to visit and got to snuggle you IMG_5181up little Phoebe girl! You both love when she comes. And we love having her here. Always filled with laughter and tons of love!

Phoebe – you moving up to big girl bottles! You’ve taken a few great IMG_198350% or more bottles from Daddy today. You’ve also become so much more alert and are now waking yourself up for feed time. You’ve cried for our attention and even shoved fingers in your mouth! This is super great progress and we’re super excited! Seeing you strongly cue for a bottle makes Daddy and Abba smile…speaking of smile, Aunt Ashly caught you mid smile and showing off your dimples today! #totallyadorbz

Xander – well big guy, you’re officially in newborn diapers! Woot woot! And you’re still IMG_5196going strong with your bottle feeding! Keep up the great work! And omg you’re getting huge! You’re feeling more and more substantial with each passing day…keep gaining weight and strength!

Yeladim – you both have made such great progress. It’s the most inspirational and amazing thing ever. You both have such fight and spirit. You’ve taught us both so much about love, patience, diligence and individuality. Watching you both progress at your own pace and develop your own personalities has been nothing sIMG_5192hort of amazing. Literally. Amazing. We look forward to continuing you on your path of self exploration as you grow and grow.

All our love,

Daddy and Abba

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