March 10th, 2017: NICU Day 22

Dear Phoebe and Xander,

Today is your twenty second day in the NICU and our twenty second day blessed to be your parents. And today you’re 3 weeks old! My goodness where has the time gone?

Today each of you got to FaceTime with your grandparents. They’re just so excited to meet you! They can’t wait to love, squeeze and kiss you both to pieces…

IMG_5168Before we talk about how you’re both doing we want you to know a few things about us and our journey to meeting you both. It’s been nearly two years since we’ve started this journey to bringing you both here. The journey has been worth every minute: every peak, every valley and everything that lies between. We go through moments where we cry. Where we laugh. Where we feel homesick. But what’s adorable is that as we sit there next to you both in the NICU the both of just stare. Stare into your eyes. Listen to your noises. And no matter how much we miss home, our family and our friends just seeing you both helps us calm down and be at peace. You’re both the best thing to happen to us. We’re here for you always now and forever!

Phoebe – today Abba gave you your bath…this one was a bit different than others as youIMG_2029 weren’t so happy about it. But you survived. You even survived Abba kisses on your belly! You took one of your biggest bottles right after though! You could hardly wait for the bottle! After today and last night you’re finally up over 50% feed by bottle. Keep up the amazing work our fierce little fighter!

Xander – today daddies will brag: you not only took several complete bottles you even asked for more after one! Yup! That means you took a 72ml bottle! Amazing! We brought your car IMG_2032seat up for the nurses to do a car seat test before you get released. It’s getting closer and closer!

The last piece of incredible news is that we have officially received the LAST legal document, signed by the judge, guaranteeing us as your parents! We always had faith in the system and legal documentation once the Pre-Birth Order was signed, but receiving this last and final judge-signed document just solidifies everything!

Yeladim – we never truly appreciated just how much you would change our lives. Friends and family have watched your journey since before you were born. Folks would say how lucky you would be. But tonight as we celebrate 3 weeks of being your daddies it’s Daddy and Abba who are truly the lucky ones. Lucky to know you both. Lucky to be able to care for you. And lucky to be your Daddy and Abba.

All our love,

Daddy and Abba

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