March 8th, 2017: NICU Day 20

Dear Phoebe and Xander,

Today is your twentieth day in the NICU, and the twentieth day we are blessed to be your fathers.

Everyday we are here becomes both a little bit easier and a bit harder…We’re so proud of your accomplishments and so excited to see you progress each and everyday, but we know you still have one more milestone each to accomplish: 100% bottle feediIMG_5122ng. We cannot and will not rush you! You are each in charge of your own NICU journey, and we will patiently wait for you both to achieve this milestone so that we can go home.

Today, Uncle Mac surprised us at the hospital in his full policy uniform. He is in the hospital today on official police business! While he was here we also got to have lunch with him, Aunt Ashly, and Genevieve before coming back up to meet with your OT. She img_5146.jpghelped us practice baby wearing! Abba and Daddy each wrapped you up on us in a Moby, which was great practice! And not to mention SUPER cozy for you and for us!

Xander: You had an awesome night with Nurse Sarah taking about 90% of your bottle at each feeding. You continue to be a rockstar when it comes to your bottle! Keep up the great work and you’ll be home in no time! Oh, and you are almost at 6lbs!

Phoebe: You are still floating around the 40% mark when it comes to taking your bottle. IMG_5148You just get really tired, very quickly, and there is nothing wrong with that! The OT is so thrilled with your progress that she went ahead and took you off the NTrainer Therapy as well! Holla! Keep up the great work little miss! You got this! Oh, and you’re over 4lb!

Last night was interesting. There was a fire in one of the other buildings. We were locked into our pod while we waited. Thankfully, nobody was hurt and everything under control, but daddies were curious about “how do y’all carry all dem babies out?” So Nurse Sarah told us about a “baby apron” that holds 4-6 babies. Nurse Kara modeled it IMG_5165for us this morning. Amazing something like that exists!

Yeladim, you are so special, and everyone in the NICU is just smitten with you…Our nurse today, Kara, told us that its babies like you that give her the urge to have children of her own. Nurse Kara also went one step further: she helped captured each of your footprints for your scrapbook! She’s been an amazing addition to your wellness and medical team.

Keep making us smile with pride, even when you fart or poop on us while holding you 😜

All our love, today and always,

Abba and Daddy

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