March 7th, 2017: NICU Day 19

Dear Xander and Phoebe,

Today is your nineteenth day in the NICU and our nineteenth day blessed to be your parents.

Y’all had a great night yeladim! You both took good bottles, gained weight and behaved IMG_1917for your nurse. And when we arrived this morning we got assigned nurse Kara. She was one of your first nurses when you both arrived. She was very happy to see your progress and to be your primary today. You also got a visit from Aunt Ashly! She loves to visit you whenever she can😍.

IMG_5104Phoebe – you have jumped to 40% bottle feeding. Wow! And you’re just shy of 4lb…(3lbs 15.3oz). You’re still using the preemie bottles here and will hopefully soon graduate to your big girl bottles. You are so well behaved when daddies do your care, unlike your brother who screams (lol). And it looks like your last NTrainer therapy will be within a few days! IMG_5084Wahoo! You took a good (over 50%) bottle from Daddy after your bath, and you’re working your way up. Keep it up! We’re so proud.

Xander – we got the report that you were at 80% of your feed by bottle! And, you’re now at 5lbs 11.5oz…keep gaining weight and getting stronger. We got to give you your first tub bath and you loved it! We were informed that your circumcision will be done IMG_5097today and you made it through. This means your very close to discharge. After the procedure you just passed out on Abba and rested (that is after taking a decent sized bottle). Oh, and your umbilical stump finally fell off..! Yay!

Daddies met with the OT again to discuss discharge instructions. Stretches for Phoebe and milestone development. You see, as preemies, until the age of two you’ll likely be behind full term babies. Being born 7 weeks early means that we have to “correct your age” for each milestone. That means when you’re 6 months old you’ll be developmentally around 4 months. It’s ok. You’ll catch up around 24 months or so. We’ll keep a close eye on you both and do whatever you both need to make sure you continue to develop and grow.IMG_1920

Daddies also got to give some small presents to two sets of NICU parents. A lovie blanket for one (a singleton) and a set of preemie clothes for the others (a set of twins). It’s important we all stick together as this journey is tough. Being a NIIMG_5106CU parent is a hell of a ride. We’ll get to see them tonight at our weekly Helping Hands meeting.


– we love you. We can see the light at the end of the NICU tunnel. This means that you’ll be coming home to Pennsylvania in no time at all!

All our love,

Daddy and Abba

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