March 6th, 2017: NICU Day 18

Dear Phoebe and Xander,

Today is your eighteenth day in the NICU and our eighteenth day blessed to be your parents.

Being in the NICU has taught us so many things. Today we walked into a small gift from another NICU mom. Two homemade beanie caps made by her mom. You see, she also had twins and both were born early. Her twins, also boy/girl, were born exactly one week after you and they even used the same fertility clinic as your daddies. She had troubles conceiving but with the help of the same doctor she gave birth to two beautiful preemies just like you both! It was such an act of kindness and a reminder that as parents of preemies in the NICU helping one another out, no matter what, is important. IMG_1894This was the start to a great day…

Today was a great day for another reason. The head nurse, who has a heart of gold, allowed our surrogate’s daughter to come and visit. You see, typically kids under 13 can’t visit unless they’re direct siblings. The nurse, Alvina, knew how important it was for us and to little Evie, and allowed an IMG_5046(1)amazing 15 minute visit for her to hold and snuggle you both. It was so special and so important on many levels and we are forever thankful!

Phoebe – today you were reevaluated by the OT using he NTrainer. You have made such HUGE improvements! After your reassessment you took a huge, 32mL bottle – your biggest one yet! You’re taking over 30% of your feed by bottle. That’s awesome! We also learned that you prefer to lay with your head turned to the right side and that can cause you issues later on down the road – so you spent some time with your head turned left. It’s an easy fix and daddies will do what necessary to beIMG_1901 sure you grow up healthy and strong! Oh, you’re also 3lbs 15oz…!

Xander – after your NTrainer reassessment your OT determined that you no longer need the help. The lightbulb is on! In fact, you took nearly a full bottle from Daddy right after. And not just any bottle – one of your big boy dr brown bottles! Wahoo! You also have gained more weight and are now 5lbs 11oz. In fact after today’s reports we were informed that we’ll likely be talking (starting tomorrow) about your discharge! Wow! Keep up the great work Xanadoo!

IMG_5048All in all today’s been a great day. You even got to FaceTime with so many family members! Grandma Diane, Grandpa Marc, Grandma Rose, Grandpa Charles, and cousin’s Noah and Jonah. Everyone can’t wait to meet you both and they’re all cheering you on!

Yeladim – you amaze us. Every day you show us your strength, character and determination. We see it in how hard you push yourselves to work each day. Keep it up cause, kids, life is a marathon and having persistence is key. But for now sleep. Dream. And keep being the beautiful babies you are.

All our love,

Daddy and Abba

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