March 5th, 2017: NICU Day 17

Dear Phoebe and Xander,

Today is your 17th day in the NICU and our 17th day blessed to be your parents.

This letter will not just be an update, but also a lesson on being good people. Being good is a choice. And when you choose to be good it comes back to you in the best ways possible. You’ll meet people different from you, from different families than you, and what is important is that you are always good and treat them kindly. Remember, being IMG_4989good is a choice. It’s one we’ll continue to reinforce throughout your whole life.

Today we learned that the other nurse in our pod was a surrogate just like your Aunt Ashly did for us. Three times! She made such a selfless and good choice to help other families that couldn’t make IMG_4991their own families grow…this is an amazingly selfless act of good. The very best good one can give. More on choosing good later…

Phoebe – today when we arrived at the hospital your daddy did your cares (diaper, temperature and bottle). We learned that you took 3 bottles overnight (not complete ones, but more and more feed by mouth), had no cases of spit up and even gained moreIMG_1863 weight! You’re now 3lbs 14.1oz! You’re getting so close to 4lbs! If you keep up your current path you’ll be there in no time! You also got dressed today in your homemade Hedwig hat which was made by the mother in law of one of Abba’s college friends Gabrielle. She was sweet enough to send them to us in Texas to Mac & Ashly’s house! In fact, her mother in law makes hats for many baby’s in the NICU. Such and act of good. You still don’t always cue for your bottles but we see you changing every day IMG_5001and getting stronger. Keep up the great work Phoeburrito!

Xander – little man. You took 3 bottles overnight! 3 full bottles, plus the one that Abba gave you last night and add to that your first full bottle – that’s a total of 5 full bottles! You’re making great strides, Xanadoo. Or should I say Xanatoot since you love to fart? When Abba changed your diaper you farted like 5 times. Thanks for that! But, you did take a great bottle right after so we won’t complain. Like your sister you, too, gained weight overnight: 5lbs 10 oz! You’re filling out nicely and we love to mush your little chubby cheeks. They’re just adorable and we love to give them kisses. Oh, and you looked super duper cute in your Hedwig hat, too.

Now, back to doing good – this will be a lifelong choice. Another great example of being good was when your Abba went to starbucks. The cashier was a friendly face and said, “you’re back again?” Abba responded, “yup. Day 17 in the NICU…” So as Abba went to pay for his coffee the cashier said, “Put it away. This one’s on us.” She didn’t have to do that. She chose to be compassionate and good. And it’s this quality we love and respect and will teach you as you continue to grow into amazing people.IMG_5032

Last piece of news: Uncle Mac helped Daddy install the car seats in our rental car…! While you’re not quite ready to come home we’re now officially prepared.

YeladimIMG_4996 – each day that passes our love grows stronger. Your adorable noises as you eat and sleep melt our heart. Your waking eyes. Your yawns. And even the wails you let escape when you need a diaper change. It’s all worth it. Every. Minute.

All our love,

Daddy and Abba

PS Daddy had more fun with Snapchat today

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