March 4th, 2017: NICU Day 16

Dear Phoebe and Xander,

Today is your sixteenth day in the NICU and our sixteenth day blessed to be your parents.

Today was a great day! You both took great bottles and have both officially passed your hearing screens…so now when you tell us you didn’t hear what we said…yup. We know you is lyin’. And, we’ve received your official social security cards! You got your first piece of mail!

Your cousins Michael, Alice and Stephanie came up for the third weekend in a row. Michael is your grandpa Charlie’s first paternal cousiIMG_1826n. He married Alice many years ago and they have three kids: Keith, Matt and Stephanie. They live in Texas, too (except Matt, he lives in the north west of the country). But Texas is a huge state! They live four hours away and have made the trek each weekend so that you’re surrounded by family. You see, family is life. And to have family like them is a blessing. We thank them each week that they come and selflessly spend hours with us…but then they turn and say thank you to us for including them in these special moments. That is family. Never forget that no matter how far apart we live there is an unexplainable bond and love.

IMG_4967Phoebe – you had a great bath today. You love being swaddled and warm. You really enjoy having your hair washed, too. You absolutely loved your snuggles with cousin Stephanie – she didn’t want to let you go…and funny thing is your Abba remembers when Stephanie was that young. It’s special to see you both bond over snuggles. Oh, and congratulations baby girl you’re officially just above your birth weight! Wahoo!

Xander – you took a great bottle from your daddy and loves your bath…you loved it so IMG_4978much you pooped in your diaper. And then peed on Abba as we were getting ready to dry you off. Seriously dude, what’s up? Just kidding, I know you can’t help it. You slept like a champ while Cousin Alice was snuggling you after your bath. She didn’t want to let you go.

Tonight after our visit we enjoyed some family time. We went to dinner with Michael, Alice and Stephanie and our new extended family Ashly, Mac, Kaisen and Evie joined, too. It’s amazing that family isn’t just blood. You’ll learn that family is nothing more than a group of people whom are bonded by a common link, love and support one another unconditionally and protect one another. You two are blessed to have one big incredible family. Now we just need to get y’all strong and healthy so we can go home and you meet the rest of your incredible family!

Yeladim – we love you. Watching you grow, getting snuggles and just being there with you is our world. And we couldn’t imagine it any other way.

All our love,

Daddy and Abba

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