March 3nd, 2017: NICU Day 15

IMG_4938Dear Phoebe and Xander,

Today is your fifteenth day in the NICU and 15th day we’re blessed to be your parents.

You’re officially 2 weeks old! Wow! Time has both flown and crawled at a snails pace. When we look at the milestones you’ve reached in this short period it amazes us! You both are strong, determined and IMG_4944persistent. These are just a few of our family values…it’s amazing how you’ve inherited them. We’ll continue to reinforce these values and many more as you continue to grow and learn.

Phoebe – you’ve gained so much weight! Almost back to birthweight at 3lbs 12oz. One more ounce…you can do it!! Today you graduated to a big girl crib and rocked your NTrainer program…and after those 20 minutes you took a 6ml bottle. Next feed you took 15ml! Rockstar lady!! That’s IMG_4955excellent progress.

Xander – you took almost 2 oz by mouth this morning from daddy! Then your NTrainer season and another good bottle. Dude! Hi five! You also have been cleared for regular formula once it’s time to transition from breast milk.

Today we’ll celebrate the many nicknames you’ve both earned.

Phoebster, Sweet P, Princess P, Phoebala, Phoeburitto, Phoebs, Phoebeleeby, Beautiful , Little Lady

Xanman, Handsome Man, Buddy Boy, Xanadoo, Little Man, Bottle Champ, Bernie-me, Mister Man

Also, we’ve gotten to know a few of the other regular parents here in the nicu. We root one another each day and keep one another’s heads high when we’re down. It’s amazing how we all just understand one another. And sometimes without having to say a single word.

Yeladim we love you more and more each day. We love watching you grow, gain skills and progress. Something that’ll never grow old. We’ll always be here for you both. Always.

Happy two weeks!

All our love,

Abba and Daddy


Xander you finished your first bottle ever tonight! That’s what happens when you practice and do your therapy!

Phoebe you took your biggest bottle yet at 24ml!

Today’s a great day!


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