March 2nd, 2017: NICU Day 14

Dear Xander and Phoebe,

Today is your fourteenth day in the NICU and our fourteenth day blessed to be your parents.

Each of you gained weight overnight! That was a joyous moment to walk into this IMG_4893morning…and, you got to visit with your Aunt Ashly and Uncle Mac again. They love you both so much.

Kids, today has been an emotional one for your Daddy and Abba. We’re missing our family and friends back home in Pennsylvania where you’ll be growing up. They all love you both so much. And they love us too. And while they follow our journey on Facebook and FaceTime there is something to be said about the love of family – and the power of a hug. It’s unconditional. It’s binding. And it’s something that we hope to show you as you continue to grow. Family and friends are everything and you are both blessed to have amazing family – you’ll look back on this part of your journey and feel all the love. But we cant wait to bring you home to meet your furry family: Sasha, Toby, Ebony and Cole.

IMG_4886Phoebe – you continue to progress well with your NTrainer therapy. Your OT was super happy with your progress. Baby steps, our love. We know how hard you’re working and it makes us so proud. You are also now on a mild medicine for a small case of oral thrush. It’s no biggie and quite common. Doctors have nipped it in the bud. Oh, and you are now 3lbs 10oz. Nice work!IMG_4881

Xander – you have amazing cues when it comes time to feed. You get so excited but you need to pace yourself. The NTrainer is helping and you’ve made great progress. You’ll learn one day that life is like a marathon – learn to pace yourself and you can accomplish anything (same for your sister, but this section is about you). And tonight at your 5pm care you took your biggest bottle to date: 29ml! Oh, you also gained weight and are now 5lbs 6oz – yeah buddy!

Tonight will be our second gathering with Helping Hands. We look forward to continuing to build your milestone necklaces and to interacting with other NICU families. They’ve been awesome to see floating around. The smiles. The love. And the bond we all share as NICU parents is strong. That is a bond we’ll share forever.

We can’t wait to be home with you in your nursery. We can’t wait until you get to snuggle with your grandparents. We can’t wait until we get to hug our parents and friends. We can’t wait for when we reunite with our support system that has helped bring us to this point in our lives. And to know that you’re both here, safe, is enough to provide us the strength to continue to move forward.

Ashly and Mac have also been such amazing support for your daddies. They’ve opened their home and family to us. They not only helped bring you to our lives they’ve also shown us what friendship means. Thanks to them for continuing to lift us up and be a source of strength when we feel so alone.

We love you both so much. Keep growing. Keep making us proud like you do.

All our love,

Daddy and Abba

PS: Nurse Sarah strikes again. Daddy’s turn for “twinning.” And you held hands…


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