March 1st, 2017: NICU Day 13

Dear Phoebe and Xander,

Today is your thirteenth day in the NICU and our thirteenth day blessed to be your daddies.IMG_1670

First of all we want to share that the difference 24 hours makes is incredible. After your first NTrainer therapies last night each of of you cued for a bottle. Each of you! You both took amazing bottles IMG_4831from your daddies – it was incredible. You also both took bottles throughout the night from your night nurse, Sarah. This is great progress!

We talk about milestones a lot. You’ve reached many and have many more. But tonight I saw an instagram post of an Australian mom to preemie twins. She makes milestone cards for parents of preemies and one in particular got me crying something fierce: you’ve both not yet had the opportunity to snuggle together. I look forward to this day. No wires. Nothing. Just your beautiful faces and bodies snuggling next to one another. Soon this day will come.

Phoebe – you have seriously taken a 180 in your cueing for bottles and ability to bottle feed. After your first and second therapy treatments you took incredible bottles! You also received your first “I Love You” massage…and holy poop batman! To say you enjoyed it is IMG_4858an understatement. We’ll be giving you a bath tonight and then hopefully you’ll graduate to your big girl crib! Keep up the great work Sweet P.

Xander – you have responded to the NTrainer therapy also! While you didn’t enjoy round 1 of 3 in last night’s session, you did great during today’s! You’ve taken so much of your feed today by bottle it’s incredible. The neonatologist started to prep us for the fact you may be discharged before your sister – but we still have a ways to go. Your daddy gave you a IMG_4825swaddle bath earlier today and you loved every single minute, but most especially when your head is being washed. You just get all relaxed like “yeah daddy!”

Do you know that the nurses fight over you guys for each shift?! “I want the Bernstein twins…” “No, I do!” The nurses love that your daddies are present and active. Sometimes 14 hours a day. There are many other babies in the NICU but many don’t have visitors. Your daddies wish that we could help them all, but there are amazing volunteers that visit each baby to hold them. The medical staff here applauds us for the amount of time we spend here, how active we’ve been and how we hold you and do skin to skin whenever we can. You see – skin to skin and touch therapy helps your brains develop. When you sleep on our bodies your sleep cycle is deeper and more complete, allowing your brains to solidify synaptic connections. Not to mention it helps you bond with us. We didn’t realize how important this is and the staff here remind us every day and thanks us for being here. It’s hard to be “thanked” for what is just our natural parenting instincts. We brought you here to care and love you. To raise you to be strong and great people in this word, no matter how challenging. And that job started for us even before you were both born. So when we say we love you, know that our love runs deeper than you know. But don’t worry, we’ll remind you about these days when you misbehave later on in life 🙂 #JewishGuiltIsReal

We love you both and could not be prouder. And as I (Abba) sit here, holding you Xander, I’m crying some tears. Not cause I’m sad, but because I can’t imagine any other place I’d rather be than being here with you and your sister.

All our love,

Daddy and Abba

PS: nurse Sarah made our dreams come true…


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