February 26th, 2017: NICU Day 10

Dear Phoebe and Xander,

Today is the 10th day that we’re blessed to be your parents and your tenth day in the NICU.

Today was a busy day! You got to visit with your Uncle Michael and your cousiIMG_4721n Stephanie…they visited last week but because of your bubble sipap machines the ability to hold you was limited. But today, you’ve grown so much and are able to breathe on your own! That made cousin Stephanie so happy to snuggle…! And, our friend, your Aunt Ilyssa, came all the way down from NY to visit us and meet you both! She’s also making her family though surrogacy and wanted to see you both first hand – miracles happen and her baby is soon to be cooking in the oven. Let’s all give her positive baby juju and love!

Xander – baby boy today you graduated from your isolette to a big boy crib! That means IMG_1590you’re steadily gaining weight (5lbs 7oz) and regulating your body temperature like a champ! You took two small bottles from your daddies and we couldn’t be prouder! We love you and can’t wait to see your progress tomorrow…

Phoebe – baby girl you got to wear your first footed onesie and girl…totes adorable! You also gained weight for the third day (3lbs 7oz) and you’re doing IMG_4731an amazing job regulating your body temperature. You are well on your way to a big girl crib and we’re super excited. Your feed is being fortified with human milk fortifier to help your weight gain, and while it makes you spit up a bit it’s helping you get nice and strong. We look forward to your progress tomorrow…!

IMG_4712Yeladim – we love you more and more with each passing day. You amaze us with your progress and inspire us to be better daddies!

All our love,

Abba and Daddy

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