February 25th, 2017: NICU Day 9

Dear Phoebe and Xander,

Today is the 9th day that we’re blessed to be your parents and your 9th day in the NICU.

Last night wasIMG_4688 especially hard to leave you both…It’s actually the most challenging part of the day. No joke. It’s weird. We know you’re in the most capable of hands, but leaving makes us feel empty. We talk it through as your parents and know that our rest is important so that we can be the best parents for you.

Phoebe – today you gained almost an ounce! Not quite yet 3lbs 7oz, but so close! We’re excited your starting to gain some weight. Your IMG_4631doctors have increased your feed to 35 ml per session, fortified your feed with HMF and are now adding additional iron to help support your health and wellness. You didn’t really cue for a bottle today for us, but you did take a good bottle overnight. You have started to spit your feed up a bit so we’ve increased the time in which you get fed. You enjoyed reading Green Eggs and Ham and being with both of us today and have a new nickname for you: Phoebala. We can’t begin to describe just how beautiful you are – we get lost gazing at you every day.

Xander – today you got your first massage from Abba. Daddy coached Abba from his tutorial with the occupational therapist and dude – you loved it. Every minute. So much that you had a great poop after! Yup. We talk about your poop all the time! Right now we’re officially testing you on air control which means you may be able to graduate to a real crib soon! And, you took your largest bottle yet from Abba: almost 50% of your feed! We need you at 100%, so keep on keeping on! You’re showing such progress and it brings us both such joy! You’re so handsome like your daddies and we just can’t handle the cuteness!IMG_1519

The both of you make the most adorable noises. We giggle. We laugh. And we stare. We stare at how amazing you both are. How your faces scrunch and brows wrinkle. How you respond to our voices and touch. And never before did we know how incredible being your parents would be. All we know is that we can’t remember a time when you both weren’t here with us and we’re forever blessed.

All our love,

Daddy and Abba

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