February 24th, 2017: NICU Day 8

Dear Xander and Phoebe,

Today is your one week birth celebration!! It’s also your 8th day in the NICU and the eighth day that we’re blessed to be your parents.IMG_4580

Has it really been one week? Have you really be here this long? It is the craziest thing to think that we’re your parents. Tonight we want to recap all that you’ve done in your first week of life:

– you were born

– you learned to breath on your own

– you learned to poop and pee

– you learned to cryIMG_4592

– you learned to regulate your blood sugar

– your learned to suck, swallow and breath (at the same time)

– you learned to use a bottleIMG_4569

– you learned Daddy and Abba’s voices and smell

In your first week of life your Daddy and Abba learned:

– how to take your temperature

– how to change your diapers

– how to read your cues

– how to massage your bodies to help your flexion muscles

IMG_4597– how to read your monitors and not freak out

– how to generally not freak out

– how to watch your cues while feeding

– how to dress you safely

– how to hold you in a variety of comfy ways

– how to better work as a team to care for you

– how to listen to your cues

– that you both are our bosses

– how to give a bath

– how to give a swaddle bath

– how to not stare at the bili lights

– that you’re strongIMG_1496

– that you won’t break

– that you are fighters

But most of all we learned that you are the most amazing and beautiful people to grace our lives and that we’re infinitely blessed to be your parents.

All our love,

Daddy and Abba


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