February 23th, 2017: NICU Day 7

Dear Xander and Phoebe,

Today is day seven we’re blessed to be your parents, and your seventh day in the NICU.

Tomorrow you’ll be one week old! It’s been an amazing week getting to know IMG_1423you both. You’re both so different and have individual, amazing personalities. Your Daddy and Abba never knew just how much you both would change our hearts, and it seems each day you steal more and more…

Phoebe: today you had a special day. You reached a few milestones IMG_1408and we’re just so happy! You took an 11 ml bottle, you got a massage and a bath by daddy, and perhaps the most special was skin to skin with your surrogate mother, Ashly. You loved resting and being with her and she loved spending the time and getting snuggles. You even smiled for her and showed your gorgeous dimples!

Xander: today you were placed back under the UV lights. Your liver is still learning how IMG_4488to work, and that is ok…your nurse Ginger drew cute sunglasses on your baby raybands while you tanned. You also decided to baptize Abba. Twice. And it was a great laugh for everyone. You loved your swaddle bath today, too! Abba fed you two bottles while in your IMG_4550isolette, and then Daddy gave you you a bottle later that night. You’re such a champ!

Your daddies took a class tonight with an organization called Helping Hands. We met other parents of NICU babies and it was amazing. We’re making a commemorative bead necklace to mark each of your IMG_4534milestones…and we got to bond with other parents in similar situations. It was a great experience and we’re thankful we attended!

We can’t wait to celebrate one week of being your parents tomorrow. The milestones you’ve each reached and accomplished are literally amazing. It inspires us so much! The team of nurses, doctors, OT, RT and your daddies are helping you grow strong each day. Continue to grow. Continue to thrive. Continue to make us proud each and every day.

All our love,

Daddy and Abba

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