February 22th, 2017: NICU Day 6

Dear Xander and Phoebe,

Today is day six we’re blessed to be your parents and day 6 in the NICU.

It’s been such a journey over these last days. Emotionally up and down (mainly up) and filled with such love. You both inspire us with your strength and will to grow. Today you both opened your eyes when we arrived and it felt like you knew your Daddy and Abba came just for you (even if it was just gas that made you open your eyes we’ll go with the emotional side of us – your Abba has been crazy emotional today.).

Phoebe: your face is starting to fill out…! You’ve got the cutest little dimples on each side,IMG_4402 and while we’re both a little biased, you’re absolutely gorgeous. We had a great time trying to give you your first bottle – you took 2ml! It may seem like a little, but for your age it’s phenomenal and mighty! You spent tons of time on Abba and Daddy today and that bring us such joy. Such joy.

Xander: you are filling out and your cheeks are super chunky. You LOVE not having the bubble sipap and LOVE being in sleepers. You, my son, loved IMG_1350the bottle. When Daddy took you to try your first bottle you did such a great job: 17ml! And when Abba tried at your next one 11ml! That’s a champion in the making! We love watching you change and adapt – and you still love to be on either of us…you just fall right asleep and it melts our hearts!

It amazes us how much love we have for you both. You have literally expanded our hearts in a way we both couldn’t have imagined. Keep growing. Keep snuggling. Keep filling our hearts with such joy.

All our love,

Abba and Daddy

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