February 19, 2017: NICU Day 3

Dear Phoebe and Xander,

Today is day three we’re blessed to be your parents, and your third day in the NICU. All of your nurses are amazing, helping you grow and gain your strength.

Xander: you love to be swaddled real tight and love to snuggle. Abba can’t wait till later to be able to snuggle you during your feeding. Daddy got to take your vitals throughout the day and change your diapers…And tomorrow we get to give you your first bath! Oh, and today we got to remove your umbilical clamp so your belly button starts to form and heal.

Phoebe: Abba got to help you learn to suck your paci and change many diapers. You even pooped in Abba’s hand during a diaper change – the first of many. We also got to see your beautiful eyes and your hair! Daddy will get to give you a bath tomorrow…you had some difficulties breathing today and may start some medicine to help. You’re strong and we believe in you!

We love you. We love your noises. We love your faces. We love your snuggles. We love being your daddies more than you can ever know.

All our Love,

Daddy and Abba

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